China Proofer Oven

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China Proofer Oven

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electric proofer oven
Proofer, an idea cabinet with trays for dough products under controlled temperatures and humidity prior to baking. Electrically heated,quick responding air wash heat/humidity system, modular foam insulated, simple computerized control, accurate digital temperature , humidity and time readouts.

Description :
Item Name : Fermentation Room
Item No.:BKF-232S / BKF-416S / BKF-432S / BKF-632S / BKF-832S
Model / Rack Capacity
Model No.CapacityVoltage & PowerExt. Dim.(mm)Weight
BKF-232S2 Racks 32 trays220V / 3KW1680 * 1350 * 2080450KG
BKF-416S4 Racks 16 trays220V / 3KW1680 * 1200 * 2150490KG
BKF-432S4 Racks 32 trays220V / 4KW1980 * 1720 * 2150680KG
BKF-632S6 Racks 32 trays380V / 6KW1680 * 1350 * 2080890KG
BKF-832S8 Racks 32 trays380V / 8KW3900 * 2200 * 21501020KG
Construction Features:
* Heavy duty fully stainless steel, anti-corruption, anti-rust
* Wall ceilings and doors are foam insulated
* Modular wall and ceiling panels with cam lock
* Rapid responding air wash heat and humidity system
* 380V 3 phase power, field convertible
* -10~ +50℃ Degree proofing range
* 50 – 99% humidity range
* Interior bumpers protect interior walls from damage
* Lighted interior
* High volume blowers Circulates heat and humidity efficiently
* Standard automatic humidity Eliminates manual fill water pan
* Selecting cooler temperature slows the yeast fermentation process and prevents the dough from rising

Advantages :
* Single Door Tempered glass
* Mechanical control panel, easy maintance
* Castors for easy movement
* 60mm PU insulation outside protecting energy lose
from chamber
* 1 people handling, cost effective and saving labor
* Proofing process consistent and unifrom
temperature provided.
Technical Support
Controlled temperature and humidity in the proofer promotes yeast fermentation, which generates gas and causes the dough to rise. Proofing takes from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the product. A temperature setting of 95°F (35°C) and humidity at 85% are typical but will vary slightly, depending on the product being proofed. To dry-proof, set the humidity to the lowest setting. The chart below is only a guide. For professional technical advices, please ask your dough supplier for technical reports.
website: ... ofer-oven/


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